Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


I refuse to become what people think I should be.
It takes a lot to gain my attention,
Hateful words are one way,
A charming smile is another.
I don't pay attention to demands,
But I do to criticisms.
You want me to pay attention
To your supposedly witty antics?
Well your simpleton mind
May work in such a way,
But I do not work that way.
I recommend that you try
A little less harder to get my attention.
Your usual self is probably good enough.
But don't try to change me,
I am an immovable force,
Stuck in my ways,
Stubborn as hell.
I change for no one but myself,
And I don't change to be like someone else.
I make changes for myself,
Maybe to better myself.
You think I should be something else?
You are probably unsatisfied
In your own life.
Maybe you need change.
I'm tired of people thinking
That I need change.
Tired of people trying to mold me
Into what they want
And expect of me.
I refuse to become what people think I should be.

October 20, 2004

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