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Michael Miguel Hyphen Ex

Michael Miguel Hyphen Ex
Knew the alphabet to p
The which he'd scan learned
Over a bowl of fragrant tea
On his journey to the earth
Which he'd spotted from afar
Whilst herding sentient blossoms
Around a not too distant star.
He found the United Nations
Before extending the hand
Of universal friendship
From it's fraternal band.
He listened to the talking
For three months and a day
Then Michael Miguel Hyphen Ex
Very sadly slipped away.
In a few eons he thought
This will be a worthy place
After the self destruction
Of the ruling human race.
He left a little sentinel
With a message to send
Twenty seven nano seconds
After mankind's final end.
On all pan galactic charts
The earth was coloured grey,
The mandatory coding for,
Pollution – Keep Away

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Michael Miguel Hyphen Ex