Pete's poems from the night.

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Garden of the minds.

Hidden from our conscious thoughts
Far beyond any technological endeavour
There is a garden serene under twilight
Guarded by mountains shoulder to shoulder.

Where the seeds of new born minds grow
Tended by the wraiths of fortune and fate
Vast is this garden for many are planted
Though not all are destined to proliferate.

Up and down the rows glide the keepers
Attentive in their pruning of thought
Where we think we have merely forgotten
The answers to questions we sought.

For a balance in the garden is required
As not all such minds can flourish and bloom
Where fate can poison the growth of a future
A missed opportunity by seconds seals a doom.

There too are the strangling weeds of ignorance
The predators to more delicate minds that strive
They are the greater number within the garden
Depressing the will of such minds to survive.

Our future is overseen by ghosts of the mind
For we can only attempt to exceed our chosen fate
Though we may excel in single minded fashion
Failure and change may leave one in a confused state.

So as the world turns so shall the garden remain
Forever changing fate and destiny for us all
So when life takes a sudden turn remember
You are just being pruned you have no control.