Pete's poems from the night.

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Wishing for the sun.

She rises burning incandescent and bright
The dawn a beginning to her plight
Returning to her love the ocean of serenity
Ascending she lights the path to her destiny.

The ocean beckoning and calling to her
Impatient with time surges forth toward his lover
Though efforts undone frustration he displays
Through the growing power of relentless waves.

Reflecting his anxiety she emits a yearnful heat
Touching him with warmth wishing the day complete
The ocean now a mixture of joy and waning sadness
Waves turn to spray,the tears of forestalled happiness.

She is close,his waves dramatic impatient to embrace
Her shade cools to red upon touch of her face
Watching from the shore their happiness I see
Through waves as they leap and dance in ecstacy.

Watching the last remnants of light fade from the sky
I am left with feelings of which I cannot describe
Reluctant to leave with a longing for my own sun to hold
I eventually turn to see the moon born of a love so old.