Pete's poems from the night.

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Soul search of a vampire.

I circle these thoughts
Wondering if they are mine
Memories of suffering I stole
From a soul in another time.

Trying to gather some sense
Within my own emptiness
Why do they feel so familiar?
Since long has my soul left.

Ino longer recognise
A love missing inside
Only pure sustenance
Of blood upon which I imbibe.

Though there lies within
A void that fills my dead heart
My hands cannot grasp
To tear such feelings apart.

Never have I cried till now
Confusing all that I know
Panic shakes my body
As the pain begins to grow.

I run in watery oblivion
Unsure of any direction
Trying to outrun the pain
And it's ominous reflection.

Falling to the ground
Awakening human hurt
Nails dig deep into my head
Tearing desperate in search.

Seeking in vain as skin falls away
I know what lies beneath
Oh just one glimpse of a soul?
To find my heart at peace.

I lie prostrate upon my back
Staring skyward into despair
Awaiting thoughts to come
To continue my search forever.