Pete's poems from the night.

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Driven choice.

Beneath heavily pregnant clouds
Fit to dispense their poison
A mind fights insecurity
To be free of his prison.

So stand the escape routes
Billboards of opportunity
Choices await to be made
Becoming his final destiny.

Back pressed against leather
Arms outstretched to embrace
Choice is made pedal is floored
Aiming for the smiling face.

Greeted through the door
By candy eyes of an angel
In search of a place
Where all dreams dwell.

A panorama slowly opens
From behind dark glasses
A long straight road
To far off mountain passes.

Sat behind the wheel
Of an eco monster,driving
With no mirrors,what need for
Reflection through remembering?

Intoxicating smell of leather
Heated by a punishing sun
Gas pedal pecking the floor
In time with 'LA woman'.

Hypnotic hubcaps spinning
A million miles an hour
This car created for the road
To tear up and devour.

Leather groans as he relaxes
A cigarette lit with unseen precision
A smile forms upon his lips
To acknowledge such perfection.

The journey they say
Far outweighs the advent
So let him be forever driving
Toward the vanishing point.