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Morning's Magic

I watch her sleeping face softly lighted
By the filtering curtains, smooth, unlined
The magic of her sleep wiping yesterday's
Troubles for the moment from her mind.
I see the girl I married
Relaxed young face,
Years wiped away,
Without a single trace.
I watch her every morning
Although she doesn't know,
Until the clock tells me
It's almost time to go.
Very special moments
Spread over my life
Adding up over the years
That she's been my wife.
I get up and make the drinks
I don't want to be there
When the act of awakening
Replaces all those cares.
My aching bones tell me
I'm closer to getting old
Without any other way
Of subtly being told.
Life paints its pictures on us
Changing features as we age,
But in those sleeping moments
We display an unmarked page.

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Morning`s Magic