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 THE FAIRYLAND BALL (Narrative poem)


~The Fairyland Ball~
(Narrative Poem)


Everything looked just fine when I arrived in Fairyland,
There was a warm 'Welcome Reception' for me,the Fairy Queen was close at hand.
She gently told me to go ahead and rest after my trip,
I knew she was right and that a nap was something that I shouldn't not skip.
Even when my journey had been completely short and pleasant;
I was flown here by way of one of my 'Snowy Owls' which are my pet friends and confidants.
Right after my deserved nap our awaited meeting took place,
We talked about all the problems at once we needed to face.
In the long run we came out with a solution for each of them all,
For sure that brought up a great relief and standing ovation from over the hall.
As the Fairy Queen and the Little People from all through Fairyland,
Had decided that more education and learning it is very important and that united we all should stand.
So to make it completly official we now have another Holiday...'Read a Book Day.'
In our Fairy yearly calendar to celebrate such a new special day.
We didn't have much problem at all but for our trouble-maker Trolls,
They don't quite understand that in education they too have a new role.
Now the Fairy Queen have passed it as a new Law that everybody living in Fairyland, should read.
And with this Royal Command our Majesty the Fairy Queen is going ahead.
Anyone breaking her Law without any exception shall be banned out...
From the whole land of Fairyland and all its whereabouts.
The trolls are going along with the Queen's wishes or else they would had fallen out of Her Grace.
Everything said we all gathered outside with our Majesty the Fairy Queen to enjoy some of this beautiful scene.
Then we went in to join everybody in the hall for the Royal Ball,
Where it seemed that all the people of Fairyland was there in the Fairy Hall.
Teasing the Pixies were flying on top of the giggling and most playful Ladybugs,
The fireflies were lighting under the moonlight the way as Fairies and Frogs were singing dancing and giving their hugs.
While the Crickets and some of the Ants chattered on non-stop,
And the Gnomes with the Fairies were making plans together to visit the shops.
I asked Her Majesty the Queen with me a happy tune just to dance,
Even the Trolls looked happy and they gave us their most heartwarming glance...

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Authors notes:

My second Narrative poem, from my Gnome and Fairyland collection.
To be continued soon in a next Fairyland post. Smile, and enjoy! LOL's


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