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Dad I want to grow up like you?

Dad when I grow up
I want to behave like you,
I even want to shave like you
I want to even smoke like you,
I want to keep
Many girlfriends like you
I will go to all the late nightclubs
And all the fancy down town pubs
To the dancing disco I will go,
Yes dad I just want to be like you,
I am your duplicate and your only son,
You are my dad as my life had begun
I love you dad
You’re the best dad I had,
Together we may roam,
Coming drunk back home
Can’t wait to grow up dad
And just like you I won’t be sad,
I won’t get into fights I wont be bad,
Then some years later
I will also be a dad.
Just hope the same thing
Will not happen to my baby lad.

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Dad I want to grow up like you?

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