Pete's poems from the night.

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Act 1.

The night plays host to the moon once more
Insignificant creatures are busy in existence
Above such fraught life glides a lonely soul
Leaving behind a wake upon the swirling mist.

Silvery light reflects off the crow of mirror black
As this vassal of ancient wisdom quests
Searching for a sign of foreboding doom
From which this assiduous bird never rests.

Within the vague border between Earth and sky
A light emanates from a defiant pillar of rock
This gesture wrought to remind the forgetful
Though evil passes the doorway is never locked.

With heightened purpose the crow descends
To where upon this stone edifice a courtyard sits
Expectancy bears awareness to be stealthy
To deny the clawing fingers this evil pile emits.

A sight of refined elegance in evil pretence
For skeletons waltz in manic twirls of red
Tattered ballgowns hang from frames like skin
Uniforms cling to soldiers of the undead.

Like the iris to a pupil of a staring eye
They prance around a circular abyss
A momentum from within draws them close
Lending an impression of a focus intense.

From within screaming lost souls trumpet
The loosened progeny of Caine their father
Reflected in the eye of the crow
Thirteen childer rise as a fountainous pillar.

Around the boundary walls thirteen statues
Stand ready to accept them as hosts
Flying to their respective malignant likeness
To transform from an ancient curse as ghosts.

The statues explode in mind rendering madness
Expelled rock absorbs all light for a moment
As this beacon in the mist flickers to relight
The dust settles to reveal an evil amusement.

The crow sheds a tear,for this dutiful medium
Conveys the sadness of those sharing his sight
Stirrings underground far from foul awareness
A disturbance of air as the crow takes flight.

Awakening from a sleeping millennium
Buried head down to read Earth's vibrations
Twelve warriors emerge with aspects grim from knowledge
As was foreseen though realised with such trepidation.

So with grins that would burn a pure soul
The vampires acknowledge their resurrection
With arms raised to the night they emit
A screaming shock wave of death and destruction.

The skeletons are plucked with shrieks of delight
Into the ferocious vortex as a tornado of bone
Opening like a budding flower in bloom
From which this ancient malevolence is sown.

Upon this emanating tide the skeletons ride
Lifeless eye sockets scour the land before them
Descending as death to claim the flesh of the dead
After the wave has struck down those condemned.

They dress themselves in the lifeless flesh
To be re-animated for such evil intentions
From the abyss rats in scores of thousands
Pour like liquid to feast upon naked skeletons.

Fear spreads like a ravenous cancer
Children swept up in the arms of mothers
Men huddle together frozen in their panic
While all around the legion of the dead gathers.

The twelve warriors form a circle about a fire
Begin chanting an incantation of invoking
For the one to complete the number thirteen
Who beneath the throne of god lies sleeping.

Within the cosmic ceiling to the world
A star brightens then fades in darkness
The twelve fall deathly silent in anticipation
Of the one to lead the army of holiness.

The thirteen heads of the vampire clans
Shift their gaze to look upon the abyss
For there is one more player to appear
A movement within signals a chant of gruesome hiss.

All those of human form feel a struggle
As the world itself be rent by forces so powerful
So from the bowels of the Earth in darkness rises Caine
While reborn from the heavens in light appears Abel.

Such a pause before some eternal fate
Stillness befalls minds of intelligence
Only an aroma of power stirs the air
Bearing a subtle hint of omnipotence.

Like a spell broken awareness returns
Soldiers of Abel fall to their knees in reverence
With heads bowed they offer their weapons
To swear by their souls of undying allegiance.

In turn to each childer a goblet is passed
Performing a blood let of ritual instinct
For suspicion and jealousy lies within constancy
So this binding of all,from the goblet Caine drinks.......

If you made it this far,this is part of one of a grand project of mine,the second part is the fight for Earth,there is a love interest with a tragic ending of universal proportions and some names you might recognise.