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Nine-pint ramblings

Some people think I'm anti human
Some believe I really would
Free this world of my species
If I easily could.
We are not the only animals
But for what it's worth
We are the only ones
Destroying mother earth.
Seven days of creation
Just to give birth
To the scourge
Of this earth?
I don't mean to offend
But will if needs must
To try and convince others
We hold this planet in trust;
Not just for future generations
Of our human race,
But for all the other animals
With whom we share this place.
Maybe it's just another lost cause
When some can see others in need
Of basic food and water
Just for their own greed.
The only mitigating factor,
Which rather baffles the mind,
No matter how we treat the animals
We inflict worse on our own kind.
So, praise the lord and pass the bottle:
Praise the lord that I am free:
Praise the lord for pre -cast concrete,
And let heaven help the trees.
Praise the lord for good strong drink
For when it hurts too much to think.

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Nine-pint ramblings



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