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What did I do?

I stood in front of you,
Just before my birth,
Whilst you handed out possession,
Whilst you handed out worth.

Was I at the end,
Or was the queue too long,
Or had I already..
done something wrong?

Some people you gave packages,
What was inside I do not know,
But you just tagged my mind,
Instead of my toe,

Some people you gave money,
To me you gave none,
Just signaled to the stairs,
and muttered "Be Gone!!!"

Some people you labeled 'EASY'.
But me just 'NOT A CHANCE!'.
To some you handed talent,
Such as to sing and dance.

Some people you gave reasons,
But me nothing at all,
You guided others out of your gate,
But you prayed for me to fall,

They kissed you goodbye,
You set them free for a while,
You did not accept my kiss,
Just sent me on my own Green mile,

I know you often help others,
But me....NEVER!
Just answer me one question PLEASE!
What did I do, that everyone else never?

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What did I do?