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You closed your eyes

My black heart is still beating.
My blue blood still flows.
My eyes are green with envy.
My constant pain glows.
My hands are still vacant.
My body still cold.
My stomach is still empty.
My skins still growing old.
My mind is under constant torture.
My legs walk meaningless miles.
My heads always producing headaches.
My lips produce fake smiles.
Where are you to make this better?
I need you and you know,
For you are my only medicine,
To make this illness go.
I speak to you in my dreams,
But you never act to care,
Do you still love me wherever you are?
I wish I were there,
I am nothing without you,
But a persistent flow of cries,
My soul was taken from me,
The day you closed your eyes!

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You closed your eyes