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Annan and Bruce and me

He scratched his nose
Nodded his head
Then Annan grinned
And Annan said
That me and Bruce
Really oughta
Spend a night
In his quarter.
Come along
Meet the wife
Meet the kids
Taste my life.

A few days later
There we were
Politely sitting
In his chair
And Mrs Annan
Trusting lass
Left us there
Each with a glass
While she popped out
To see a friend
Causing a rather
Early evening end

I stupidly thought
They wouldn't see
My empty pot
 Hidden on my knee
If I drank fast
Then tried to rest
But I failed
Annan's test
For he saw
And filled us up
And we all
Had to sup

When Mrs Annan returned
Annan was sleeping in his chair
Bruce just had a glazed eye
And I just was no longer there.
I had joined with some of
The families bingo crowd
Returning home
Who laughed aloud
And said sit down
When I made a fuss
And tried to hijack
Their army bus

To take me back
To the billet
So I reasoned  and
Tried to will it
They were happy
And didn't care
‘ cos they already
Were going there
But for weeks
They talked with glee
Of when me and Bruce
Visited Annan for tea


Annan and Bruce and me



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