Ive got pills in my pockets
from the witch to take
she says I must sniff em
Ill feel better that way
so I listen, just doing as told
crossed my eyes and sold them
cut out my soul
and the traffic, it just gets cluttered
people just don't have the time
there searching for bridges to cross
searching for gold to find
but the witch, this is old news for her
she casts her spell with flowers
that the hippies had to smoke
at the circus, the juggler tossed the hearts
of all the slow deaths
all the slow stews
and the witch
she smiles, cause she knows alls good and well
they raise out there hands for her
they bow and kiss her feet
she has em at a standstill
and fights start to break loose
the witch saw this coming
and wiped up the spilt koolaid
and its used as a potion
for the next big stew
a portion so proper
junkies cant use
fixed apon fixers
out in the street
they tangle out there arms
needles unleashed

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