Sitting down now
a little coffee table
thoughts rackett upstairs
but, I feel nice and snug here
feel as its my place to be
Its all for a change
my head has jumped the landscape
my hands have turnt green
for I find myself
compassing a new direction
a new road
with untold lies
and unfolded smiles
mysteriously,   with there crooked lips
they spoon the dirt into there mouths
and they like to spit it at me
I feel blessed in this land
a land without clatter
a little lady walked past
you could tell she was plastered
" where do you get your drinks mam?
Your so fine."
she said to come with her
and will mix drinks that boggle the mind
she took the demons potion
and than took the thief's
from there she persuaded
creating a masters piece
she snot hers, I snaked mine
and we ran off to the woods
to finish off our time

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