once I'm starting,
I find its harder to stop
in stating the blatantly
obvious, I feel its better like that
its to know much fun
when you love someone
and your staked
with the unwanting fate
than you sit occupying stont
so much, so much all alone
no one wants to share my home
and wheres my name supposed to carry on?
what flame do I hold out to ignite?
I can not start that fire
though sometimes a strong desire blows...
with the leafs
that I always seem to spit about
Ive spat that s--t
for too long
I love you all
but its time to step aside
you know what I feel like
I feel as though Ive
gotten something important to say,
but Ive misplaced it
along the way
and hopefully Ill find it
hopefully shell come back to
the realization that I'm
just a silly f--k up
and one day
when all is calm
maybe my love is forgotten
but hows that supposed to happen?
How am I to ride the tide,
when my boreds been cut in two
how am I to catch her eye
when she don't even stare my way
her overemphasized eyes
still catch my attention
and I just don't know
nothing seems to f---ing matter as of now
nothing really has my concern
I think without my lady
I'm sinking in the sand
and I'm sinking fast

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