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The Poker Game - Effeld 1962

WhenI was only nineteen
I think I led charmed life
The one rule I never ever broke
Keep away from another's wife

Heinz just couldn't play poker
I met him at Elli's place
Thought he was Christmas come early
You could read his hand in his face
Now Id just won all his money
And I was I only playing for fun
And he was such a bad player
To keep his money just wasn't done

But Heinz was sitting with Helga -
Helga, his stunning blonde wife
And he bet her on the next hand
It's true I swear on my life
By this time the table was surrounded
By every drinker in the bar
And I was backed in a corner
Knew it had gone too far

Heinz played the cards open
Sat with a frozen fixed grin
So everybody watching
Could witness the win
I sat there panicking
Holding my breath
Wanting to lose this game
Of instant death

I never looked at the cards
Just saw Heinz's look of grief
Which through my quick thinking
I soon turned to one of relief
Passing his money over the table
And raising her hand to my lips
Just a little perfunctorily
Kissed each finger's tip

Saying what a pleasant reward
And a wonderful end
For such a pleasant evening
And Heinz became my friend
For the next two years
At every chance
Helga grabbed me
And made me dance

Remember I was only just nineteen
In a time of more innocent ways
Couldn't have the same ending now
The world's more cynical these days

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The Poker Game - Effeld 1962