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Auburn Curls, Older Girls, and Callow Boys

Sweet naÔve nineteenish man of the world
Some experience with some younger girls
God's gift to women he cockily thought
Until attracted by the dark auburn curls.
He crossed and saw not what he expected
But a fully bloomed woman of more years.
Imagine her tolerance and humour that
She accepts this youth who appears
From across that crowded bar room
Suddenly, uninvited, at her side
Openly ogling her admiringly,
Yet shy and suddenly tongue tied,
Proffering a lighter to her cigarette
Still only half way from the packet,
Before she can get her own lighter
From her handbag or suit pocket.
He wasn't sure she was on her own
But just then he didn't at all care
Wanting to bask in her glory
Just to be seen standing there.
Came the end of the evening.
She took him out to the night
Sliding her arm through his
To stop him from taking flight.
She used him
She caught him
She abused him
She taught him
The meanings of consideration,
Respect, tenderness and care;
That a woman needed more
Than a man just to be there.
For three gloriously long weeks
Or maybe it was nearer four
(He really can't recall now
But certainly not any more)
He was her chosen escort
At the times of her choice
The which he humbly accepted
With never a dissenting voice
And then she said it's finished
And thank you for the joy
I give you back to the world
More nearly a man than a boy.
I never saw her again or tried.
Went to places she wouldn't be
Respected her decision
As she now respected me.
Such an affair could never last
Like a beautiful transient thought,
Not ever really fully formed
Before it diminishes to naught.

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