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I'll See You Later

Swaying back and forth
In this corner
And if my ear is close enough
To these walls…
I can hear your steps.
I can almost feel your hands-
Sliding up and down
This outer embankment…
…as if you've touched this soul
…but have not yet found a door.
Your love leaks through these walls
And finds me.
Every time.

And when you depart to be distant…
She finds a shallow place in the sea
And hugs her knees against her chest.
The wind flutters across bare and broken skin.
The commotion in the skies only hurt.
Every heartbeat seems to tap slower and slower.
And her hands just bleed without yours to hold.
The sea salt stings like a dark kiss upon a wound.
While the sand clashes
with the tears amongst the fallen wind.

~DaYnA e. 11/14/04

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I`ll See You Later