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A Real Poem

I don't write any proper poetry
According to what this man said
Too much happiness and joy
Not enough about being dead
No respect paid the good lord
Give more thought to love in prayer
A lot lot less about fun and leisure
And never say too much about
All those human carnal pleasures
I thought about it hard
Maybe so
Real poetry
Here we go
( as a penance
for a week
i'll keep my tongue
in my cheek)

By the time you open this folks
I guess I'll be long gone dead
From a bullet very carefully
Shot deeply in to my head
She laughed at me
Said I made her ill
Got me so riled up
I just had to kill
Oh lord forgive me
For not a being a winner
Just another in a long line
Of whingeing whining sinners
But maybe lord maybe
I'll see heaven as well
After I've done my term
In deepest darkest hell

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A Real Poem