"thanks to my parents"

i first started off as an unborn seed
nine months later i was to feed
when i started walking i got a little to happy
cause then i start talking, when i said the wrong words you popped me
next thing you know i was off the bottle
and then i dropped my pamper and decided to go pottie
as time flew i matured through life
it was at an early age i knew wrong from right
by time i hit teens i had a good wift of my upper lip
i swore i was grown wanted to be on my own and noone could give me lip
but then i realized how harsh life was when you out there on your own
i stood my ground like a man and stayed out threre until you told me to come back home
one thing i've noticed is that life's not fair no matter how far or near
what you taught through life was a perfect steer, and now your lesson i must share

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`thanks to my parents`

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