Pete's poems from the night.

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I run into the wind with a roar in my ears
Parting the air without a sound to be heard
Negotiating natures dangers without loss of pace
At one with the contours of this nocturnal world.

I rest upon a rock of stout resolution
Overlooking landscape time has transformed
A throne of unchanging aspect from which I call
For my kindred to gather to me once more.

A song from glinting reflections of silvery light
Joyous in the unity of we free spirited souls
Brought together by the rising of this very jewel
That liberates a desire oh so natural.

We look to the lights of the newcomers
Grazing upon a security of settlement
Like chickens in a pen headless when scared
Their disbelief is such entertainment.

We vanish silent as a falling leaf
For as myth only can the werewolf endure
So when the moon rises and a singing you hear
Tis just the wolves howling nothing more.