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When Generals take orders from cowardly
government official; who are at best no more
than draft and combat dodgers, who do you think
end up paying the dues and temporarily singing
"The blues?"
The only to profit are the fat cat Neo-Cons,
who in the life of this world never lose,
but in the hereafter will scream and shout
"The Eternal Blues."
Both sides die in a war based on a lie.
Iraqi babies cower in a napalm shower as
the blood sucking parasitical Neo-cons devourer
(the oil).
aMerikkkan soldiers toil, strenuously to oppress …
the Shia and all the rest. The righteous insurgents
foil and spoil the plots and plans hatched by the
aMerikkkans; steadfastly, thwarting the Crusaders
in their attempts to rob Muslims of their land.
They submitt to Allah while resisting Uncle Sam!
While back in D.C., The White House is inhabited
by a "Mental Midget." A cowardly tough talking
Mouse of a man ... who sends off "other peoples children"
to die face down in the sand of a far off land.


Abu Lateef


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