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AnyMore (Like Love)

If I wrote you a suicide note,
Would your soul know
Where to come find me?
Or are you going there too?
I'm tempted to think badly of others,
So why do I renege?
Why do I never say what's on my mind,
Why am I the silent one?
And why is everyone passing me by?

Hello, have I worn out my welcome
Here on earth yet?
Why do I feel so wrong here?
Will I ever feel right?
When does the adjustment begin?
Are my words of any use to anyone?

I don't even feel love,
And I don't know where to look
To find something
          Like Love.

But there is always nothing anymore.

I always wind up feeling bad.
A wounded heart,
Like my collarbone was cut away
To expose everything I held sacred,
To let it flow like ash and disappear.
But while they disappear,
I remain and all I want…

…is to go home.

November 19, 2004

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AnyMore (Like Love)

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