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Bank Holiday Fun

I can see the world spread below
As I glide and soar up here so high,
I can even catch an image there
With my patent magic eye.
There's a metal bird to the left of me
On its steady way to France.
I have swooped, circled and dived it,
Led it a merry little dance,
Till the seated driver waved me
Half angrily out of his way
And so I left it flapping on
To enjoy my special day.
I can see a waggoner down below,
Had a wave from his young mate
As they steered their shire team
Through the new toll high road gate.
I see the majestic plod plod plod
Of that steady great horse team
So much more attractive than
Those modern carts of steam.
This world is full of mystery
Of new and wondrous things
But nothing quite so joyous
As our new mechanic wings
Such a feeling of elation
As I circle even higher
Hear the wind steadily singing
Through my harness wires.
Have we reached the limit?
Is there any more a man can learn?
Or are those mysteries just placed there
To make us dream and scheme and yearn
What is in the future just now?
What more can science give.
Can there have been better times
For any man or woman to live.
The wind is growing chill just now
As the sun slides quickly down
One more dive and swoop for joy
Then it's back to dull dull ground.

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Bank Holiday Fun



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