Roll Of Film

Hes moving again now.
Hes got people to see.
Cannot pretend any longer,
they mean nothing like me.
Hes casted his calls,
to all the important ones
cause strolling outside, produced
this film roll.
Glimpses, sees his name inscribed.
Picked up, whats the future hold?
The wind, blows his hair.
His eyelids close down shop.
Hes showered to a different place,
to make a better way.

This land
theres no fighting, you don't see frowns.
Its like play scape land
for grownups,
who care to live like children.
He pokes his fingers, through the clouds
he spins himself, all around.
A care to care is not today,
worries cannot levitate.
And the girls,
they're beautiful here.
Roses flow out their hair
running nude through the lavender filled hills.
No one even stares.
Jealously, exists no more.
They sit in lawn chairs
drinking martinis,
with a constant smokers high
without the need
without the weed.
all forth coming,
in this roll of film.

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