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Young Santa is standing on the corner. The night is
Pitch black because the street lights are out.
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas! Where is the cheer
that is supposed to be spread about?
Young boy on the corner spreading good cheer in
the form of crack, Damn, I hear that even the Right
Reverend Thomas has a monkey on his back!
Young un-wed mother, Zombie like creature on the prowl,
Haunting early morning urban streets, approaching cars
looking for something to eat.
Trying to ply her trade, trying to get laid,
trying to get paid! While, hits on the pipe burns up
all the profits she made.
Hoping for a better new year, young Santa is still
on the corner spreading good cheer.
Young Mommies scantily clothed looking like Mummified Ho's.
Dressed in tacky apparel, sucking on the barrel
of the gun until the load is shot, one more child not to
be begot,
Haunting urban streets as they seek that Jumbo or
A single rock of cocaine. Oh, the plight of you my
Sister fills me with such pain!
Gazing through the window of my car, with a toothless
Smile she says," want a date?"
In the distance there can still be heard a mantra
Of Merry Christmas echoing from the concrete canyon
Walls and the future seems dim and bleak for them all,
as they assume their role as amerikkka's permanent underclass.
Stamped and tagged at birth as societal rejects
and confined to urban plantations called projects.
Is this the season to be jolly or just another season
Full of despair and folly?
Is it fair that in the land of milk and honey, young
Santa stands on the corner slinging rock to get money?
Is there any hope in store for them this New Year
or will it just bring new fears?
Can these victims of environment alter their fate
or for them has it become too late?
It is never too late! Make the best New Year’s
resolution by Proclaiming that Allah Is Great!
Change can come when you proclaim that Allah is One!
Become free by denouncing the trinity!
Study the Qur'an and live by it! Takbir!

Habib Abu Lateef

Copyright ©1998

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