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Sir Charles Finnegan and his Steed

The Lord Mayor received a letter,
The Chief Constable the same,
From the Big House in London,
Signed a double-barrelled name.
Charlie Finnegan received a letter,
Not the same of course;
Tea at the City Hall next Tuesday
And kindly bring your horse.
There's anticipation in the city,
The worst there's ever been;
Finnegan's horse has been invited
To take tea with the Queen.
Of course it's really a secret.
They don't know why she's here.
Charlie Finnegan aint telling
Even after twenty seven beers.
On arrival the queen got excited
And took her corsets down
Tossing Ďem over a fence
In the rougher part of town.
Old Charlie Finnegan,
Being a perfect gent
Lent her a horse blanket
To borrow till she went.
She said if she ever ever
Needed a horse for the day,
Like changing of the guards etc
Could he ensure he wasn't away.
Then the Queen knighted Finnegan
Though she said of course
This isn't for you Sir Charlie
It's for that magnificent horse.
Phil the Greek pulled his mane
My dear sir, he said,
We shall meet again
Come up to the palace,
Meet our Charlie and  Anne.
They both like horses and
She is your special fan.
Then as they set off to London.
Charlie Finnegan's horse started
Laughing and laughing
And very discretely, lazily far-ted.
Sir Charles Finnegan still loves his horse
Though not in any carnal sense, of course.

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Sir Charles Finnegan and his Steed