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AJ's Tribute

**** the world
Now ****'n listen
**** everything
I've ****'n risen
**** your Mom
**** your Dad
**** you're lieing
I'm ****'n mad
But **** the truth
**** what you heard
Could be ****'n dead
On my ****'n word
**** the cops
They're ****'n not
The ****'n one's
Who ****'n got
The ****'n right
To ****'n say
Or ****'n stop me
No ****'n way
Them ****'n gangs
Are ****'n gay
Can't ****'n stand
In my ****'n way
**** that'll be
The ****'n day
I ****'n change
My ****'n ways
To ****'n God
I ****'n pray
To ****'n stop
This ****'n hate
But ****'n wait
My ****'n pain
Is ****'n gone
So ****'n eh!