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[This was my first official poem. I've written a few poems here and there as I was growing up, but this is the one that woke me up and said "Hey, I like to write poems and I wanna keep writing them."]

A need to be grasped... When time has elapsed... Our hands shall be clasped...

In unity we must gather, or rather- look forward towards our father- our God, our Creator, our Master Operator...
Baby I can feel it in our bones, the world's turning to stone- stemming from the cloning of our sins.
It was written- we need to be cleansed... from the trappings of our souls.
Christ the Lord has died for us, and hoped for tremendous changes.
We have fallen short of His glory- so we must finish the story, to do our part.

Is the desire to find love... The incentive to look above, and to seek peace.

Is the core of our passions... Our hobbies, and our sexuality.

We date and debate reality for the possession of-
A deeper love from up above.
Life is intense and pretentious, but there's a meaning behind...
The quest of a bottomless understanding...
From now, our spirits must emerge and serge in eternal bliss.
In grace, we shall say, tomorrow is a better day...
So brace yourself, get on your knees and pray please?

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The Intensifying Mystery



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