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 Here Lies an American Hero

The Stars and Stripes of  White and Red lie on a field of Blue,
draped across his military casket so shiny and new.
The eerie silence in the chill of the dreary winter day,
suddenly broken by the sound of exploding rifles in
their salute to this fallen hero, who so gallantly
fought for his country in the sands of a desert so
far, faraway.

The Stars and Stripes are precisely folded and
the Sergeant of the Honor Guard respectfully
presents it to the forever grieving mother,
who grasps Old Glory in her trembling arms
with a broken heart like no other.

Then the heart wrenching sound of  a lonely bugler,
as he plays the melancholy notes of Taps, softly
echoes from a distant hill for all to hear.  
A saddening sound causing all attending to
shed a solemn tear.

On this cold, barren hill lies an American Hero, who
stood proud and tall for freedom and justice for all,
and his heroic actions defy all words of praise that
come to bear.

Jackie R. Kays

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