Walked down yesterday,
past the mirrors I awaked
and though time was standing still,
I watched my sister lay

And they say you cannot judge a man
by the color of his eyes again
but my soul has slipped away
by the melting snow in May

Time just cannot judge me
and time just cannot make me
and take my scars away
and bring back yesterday
All I thought was easy,
was all I couldn't see awake
these dreams Ive had have changed me
shapes my eyes, to see again

Driving with the freeway
the air peers through the windows
lights up low lit signs
makes the stars align
and my mind has took a beating
by all the folks who've changed their names
and I'm,    considered ugly
and the,   world wont love me

I wish that you could see it
I wish that you could feel it
come inside my head now
and it all makes since now
Clocks just tick on by
but the time is in your mind
and the feelings all obscured
when you open up your eyes

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