Betty craved her drink,
she CRAVED her drink.
It made Shane think,
shed be in his bed tonight.

He took his shot,
walked about grinding his s--t
his fancy shoes,
and slicked back hair,
and that cocky attitude,
groping woman everywhere.
His golden watch,
shinning his wealth with the lights
Woman everywhere,
wanted to be with Shane tonight.
Hes spent thousand of dollers
on his cloaths,
developed his "look"
a fine painting,
like the magazine adds
his cells got mad minuts,
with the creative games,
funny rings
envied by his friends,
a production of the land

This is Gods gift to women
hes the one who steps in on your backside,
dancing and touching,
where it aint even welcome.
And Betty,
well shes been a watching him
she craved her drink,
throughout the whole year
day with night,
and night into day
not a secont slipped
putting her heels grounding level
You see, she dont want a dancing queen
just there flooding situations,
trying getting by
its the only way she knows,
but in strolls Mr.Right
with a stench of a smile,
and persuassive ability
pulling out lines,
that his nose dont even know.
And,shes seen his type,
yeah shes seen his type
every single night,
shes been out
seeking his type.
Ten on odd,
led to her door.
And none of em
have seen home any more
She played her cards,
just like she had before
dragging his shirt in,
smudging her lips,
s l o w breathing
putting her hands,
down beneath his pants
"oh, hes getting some tonight"
Its never this eazy
The ladys man
and hill fall for this

See, Betty had a younger sister
two years ago.
Two years ago Betty had a YOUNGER SISTER
Yesterday was her 23rd birthday
yesterday died two years ago
Raped than killed by a man
at the dance hall
its said whats spinning,
keeps on spinning round

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