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Oh, he calls me a lot of bad names...dumb smuck, mentally-disturbed, socio and psychopath, manipulator, deceiver, liar, cheater, F O, plagiarist, moron/crazy, among others. He also assumed that I am a political refugee seeking asylum in Canada when in fact I came here together with my family as immigrants, all of us because we have the money and we can afford to be where we are right now.

The man who is chicken-livered to face me remains a mystery. Does he really exist or is he only a product of joie_de_vivre's wild imagination? Probably he is just a hallucination, a, figment of the mind, a fabricated handle so someone I refused can get back at me.

Jilted lover, dumped ex, rejected suitor, turned down friend...who else? This is cyber space where we are being played by those who think they are superior, powerful and can get what they want especially if they have the money. It's so disappointing that there is this one "man" who can't even confront me in person and is afraid to show me his "face" yet he is fond of calling me names. What a shame, dragonfyr so don't be surprised anymore that at age 50, you're still alone, lonely and still hoping a woman will come along to help you through the night, tsk, tsk, tsk.


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