They all walk away
past the guarded gate
as they look out, and see
Theirs more coming their way
They've raised their arms,
dug gen out the graves
all so child's can be laid
as sacrifices of their land

And sunshines, shinning west today
rains been trying to drop
looking up, trying to see
Johnathon seeks his lady
who he lost in the night
and though they've tried making him
change his mind again
Its a useless operation
ropes been fading the ring
of oppositions requests
They've been exchanging glances
trying to get in
and when the verdicts read
Its found out
No ones gonna win

Were all loosing,
this battle on the fields
heads are dropping off
legs are gunned off
and hearts are cut out
Its just funny:
one side a love,
maybe a lust
to the other extreme
we can hate so much
Do you really believe your right?
Is there even a wrong?
who's standards to live up to tonight?
Gods?, Society's?
God don't speak,
and the trends of the land
battle ground abused

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