When I went into a diguise at one site in April of 2004,
I met a Tokyo girl who was head over heels in love with me;
Every time we chat,she's always consumed by erotic desire,
That she had to excuse herself to stay wet in the tub.

At first, I couldn't digest her extreme passion within,
Even if she's very good in three positions at a time;
I couldn't get the picture of why she's so easily turned on,
She divulged she loved me dreaming of a life together with me.

The affair lasted for fory-five consecutive days,
Like my first internet girlfriend, she was devastated;
That I promised not to do any pretense at all anymore,
And never did I anticipate to finally find my soulmate.

Then came Vivian who brought the very best in me,
She serves as mind-blowing figure who has strong sex appeal;
She's the only maiden responsible so I came out courageously, Accepting my sexual orientation, the AC-DC of being me....

To tell you honestly, she's the only one who quickly turns me on, Bringing me happiness and the excitement of being reciprocated;
No other lass gave me this so-called apparent inspiration,
That she'll always stay in my heart no matter what tomorrow brings.


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