ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Systemically suffering from moral
And spiritual woe. They are addicted to Usury.
Interest payments at an all time high.
Jobs are at an all time low.
They consider themselves to be elite.
To the masses they are not endearing,
Their religion is profiteering.
Towards doom … this world they are steering.
They are exploiting the land, people and
Resources of third world nations. They are
Resolute in their pursuit of worldwide
Domination. Ruthless materialism has distorted
Their vision. They are blinded in their
Right eye until the "Day of Decision."
Is there any hope for the shayateen insight?
Only if they repent, relent and
Give the people of Allah their rights.
With a handshake and a devilish grin.
They are enemies to the Mu’minoon,
But to shaitan a devoted friend.
Who are these purveyors of human slaughter?
They are the disciples of the new world order.

Abu Lateef


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