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Any Being that has been born, must one day die
Therefore, never attribute to Allah such a lie
He is Lord of the two East and two West
Attribute to Him only that which is best
He is singular without partner nor peer
The Supreme One that has always been here
Allah has no equal, no assistant, no rival,
No heir or son.
Allah is Great, Allah is One
Allah is the sustainer of all worlds
Nourisher of all... not nourished by any
Allah was not born nor has He any offspring
He is Allah, Lord of lords and King of kings
Allah was here before time
Through the creation of the Sun and Moon
Allah commanded time to come Into existence
When Allah gives the Command, time will cease
As surely as He created clouds and rain
A day will come when only He remains
To Allah, belong the Most Beautiful names
He is the Merciful, the Beneficent, the Ruler
The Holy, the Author of Peace, the Illuminator
The Protector, the Mighty One Who is able to
Enforce His will... He is Allah, The One
Allah is He Who is without consort or equal
The One for whom there will be no sequel.

Abu Lateef


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