Depression Blues

Stained by my heart
cause it don't jump out
torched, are my ears
cause they don't listen
been hurt in too many ways
mind suffered for too many days
and its all cause of me
this is called "depression poetry"
how can I write happy things
when there playing hide and seek
Ive counted too long
don't know how
I hate this way
and I hate writing bout myself
its what I'm feeling inside
it must be flipped to the other
cause its ugly in there
and my nose cant take the smell
I wanna release the aroma to the air
and it will die with the leafs
but I am the leaf
Ive flown with the wind
next to the birds, they call free
and its just another disease
you cant escape the hand
Its grip is too tight
and it never lets go
you only feel this grip
when you've got nothing left to show
when the outside world is colorless
I see all the same categories
I hear all the same sounds
and what they all have in common
is there all hollow
no such thing as meaning
unless you catch it on time
Ive said times in your mind
and theres no such thing
think I need something
something to love
maybe I need some loving
someone worth the hug
but I cant feel it
if its not real
I'm not talking about a spurn the moment type
those are empty beds
and I don't think Ill be right
you know when your eyes have seen too much
they start changing color
you turn on the f---ing t.v.
and all you watch is stuff not worth seeing
Who, are you?

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