Todays thoughts

heads ran off
to a nother land of sorts
gone down the ladder
seeking perfection
and left with nothing
looking in the pond, my reflection
think its kind of weird here
not quite that 29th stage
but its stranger up the stairs
the folks all talk with me
without even knowing my name
its a said, Ive gotten potential
to be beautiful- but whats that ever mean
maybe shinning by the sun when it don't rain
but the cold is numbing my heart over times change
and throwing my rocks, leaves me content in this different land
they skip, they sink, clanking trying to speak
passage waves through my drums and beat
than Gias entered my room at night
with my secret pills, they always give me life
taken me to this land again
escaping fire extinguisher in my hand
love you all- but your truly fake
it shouts out when ya raise your lids
and your poker face is meant for cards
ones we hold here they ain't
its been metaphorically said
and lied again

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