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The Stars

If I am the moon, you are the stars.
Your soft light whispers
To me through the ether
And comforts me.

The twinkle of merriment,
The blur of tears through an atmosphere of sadness,
The light of laughter and love shining in the firmament,
In eyes that I've never seen.

We are soul mates - The Moon and The Stars.
Together across time and distance.
Inseparable in our universe.
Timeless in each others rhythm.

I feel your embrace,
though your arms have never held me.
Your soft kisses, your hot kisses
brush me, crush me, with lips never touched.

Your tears course down your cheeks,
not yet to be gently brushed away.
Your laughter echoes in my heart
through ears, still deaf.

Your love fills me so that my heart swells
and words become meaningless.
You are a galaxy, shining brightly in my sky
Swirling, shimmering, distant, intimate.

And our light mingles…

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The Stars

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