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I'll tell you now as from the start,
That such beauty affects men's hearts,
In the earth and in the skies,
From which point trouble rises,
So forgive them now if they shall be,
So forthcoming and selfishly,
About what they say and what they mean,
As though you came from heaven's beam,
That outshines both moon and sun,
From thy beauty that forever runs,
Beyond the visions of the sea,
To thy appointed destiny.
The half of thy beauty is yet to be seen,
For thy luscious smile and sparkling beams,
Raise all hearts and lift all eyes,
Put to shame the lighted skies.
Though I tell so you shall not see,
Lest I take thy eyes and show you thee,
For they make jealous the lovely rose,
Whose sweet smell is now disposed,
In the air and heaven sent,
Whose glory now is forever bent,
Because thy beauty forever sings,
To men's eyes such pleasures brings,
A love beyond the sea and skies,
To man's hearts such beauty ties,
Them to that purity that they see,
Until you vanish away and set them free.

copyrights 2005
Robert Anthony James

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