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Shakespeare's Death Bed

In this poem Shakespeare try to fight away death but he can't avoid the inevitable.

O Death here I lie,
Why is the cold so bold
  and the warmth so shy?
Don't move so close Death,
you're not my love,
You haven't the eyes
   of my sweet dove,
So I resist but you persist,
      caress my hand,
     and blow a kiss
Your frigid hands and frosty breath,
Slows my heart in my chest.
You move ever so close with your wintry web,
     like a helpless fly, there held
And like a grisly beast
      that licks his teeth,
       grows your eyes
        before the feast;
And with a fatal kiss,
              stills me,
And take me to eternity.

copyrights 2005
Robert Anthony James

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Shakespeare's Death Bed



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