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Romeo And Juliet (The Conversation)

This is an imaginary conversation between Romeo and Juliet.

Juliet-   My Love,
            Heaven lies within the circle of thy arms,
            there's none I've seen with such charms
            Pour thy words in my reins,
            touch my heart and see my springs
            In my heart your words I seek,
            O tell me sweet things O so deep
            If there's a secret you want to raise,
            kiss me now and see that place,
            I'll be the forbidden one on the tree,
            as long as thy sweet lips take a bite of me
            And if you're not full from this fruit above,
            take another bite of my sweet love
            If thou want the sweet honey on thy lip,
            go to the edge and take a sip
            If the path thou must know,
            down the gentle stream thou must go

Romeo-    O beautiful one without a measure,
            beyond the stars are thy treasure
            And if at all you let me swim,
            keep me submerged until I'm old and dim
            And if these waters be sweet always,
            Then let the nights be without the days

Juliet-    These waters are both sweet and cold,
            quench thy hunger and thy soul
            And if thou would hear my voice,
            pick among these, thy fruit of choice
            and take a bite if thou are so bold,
            the glorious heavens would unfold.

Romeo-    O beautiful one dripping in grace,
            in the stars I see your face
            Thy precious beauty is so pure,
            thy sparkling eyes so bold and clear,
            In my heart and in my head,
            to thy voice I have wedded
            If I must, this I'll do,
            swim the ocean to marry you
            And if we're to act upon this list,
            let's seal these words with a kiss.
            And as they kissed their souls were knitted      
            copyrights 2004
            Robert Anthony James

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