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The Glory Of God

O God!
Supreme Being of heaven and earth,
King of the universe!
Highest of the high,
Heaven to thee sings,
Thou are the Righteous One that reigns.
Thou who made everything and beyond,
Thou who sacrificed his only Son,
Thou who sit high and look low,
Thou who make the angels mind blow.
Holy and Grant is thy name,
Thy love- too high- I can't- Small brain.
Thou who made the sun and moon,
Thou whose light makes the night noon.
Thou who have the earth for his footstool,
Forever Thou rule!
Thou whose truth reaches beyond our souls,
Thou whose throne is made of pure gold.
Thou who control the wind and measure the rain,
Thy knowledge is beyond knowing,
I can't explain.
All powerful, all knowing,
Omnipresent constantly flowing,
In the graves they sing and shout,
Thou who make the rocks cry out.
Thou whose light fills heaven down,
Immeasurable is thy crown.
Thou whose holiness fills our place,
Thou who sit in the seat of space.
Thou whose glory awe and amaze,
O Lord God, Ancient of Days!
Thou who ride on the wings of the wind
At Thy present the trees bend
Thou who stand forever for right
Thou who hold power by Thy might
Thou whose word is so pure
even Satan trembles and fear
Thine Son was the perfect sacrifice
Feeds millions with a cup of rice
Thou who brighten our nights with stars
Thou who lock trouble behind bars
Holy Being
forever reign

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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The Glory Of God