Poetic Feelings

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This has been one of the bluest weeks of my life,
Every single day has brought nothing but strife;
On the first day, my water heater burned out,
Then water from beneath my house began to spout;
First time in two years asthma claimed my breath,
Actually felt I was at the very brink of death;
One altercation after another between the children,
A heated argument with the City about a bill, then
Tons of dirty clothes needing badly to be cleaned
And my washer broke down, which was the meanest thing!
Oh, but that's not enough--to add fuel to the fire,
Would you believe someone had the nerve to break my dryer!

To pile even more onto this never-ending stress,
Both inside and out, my house is one big mess!
My home, no, my life, is just falling apart,
I have no motivation, I think I've lost all heart
To pull myself together and go on another day,
It all seems so useless, like there's just no way
That I'll ever bring myself up out of this dump,
And somehow make it over this difficult hump;
Will I ever be able to pause and think what to do
When I can't stop feeling so down and out and blue?

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Whatever Can I Do When I Feel So Blue?