Poetic Feelings

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She told me one day she wasn't feeling so well,
I took a good look and could surely tell
She was pale and drawn, appeared very thin;
I asked when it started, she couldn't remember when,
She said she'd been bleeding for about 30 days,
Thought she was going through some kind of phase.

I asked why she hadn't told me all this before,
She shook her head a little, stared down at the floor;
Said it would stop, then out of the blue
Start all over, she didn't know what to do;
Although I tried to calm her, told her not to worry
Realized I had to get her to the doctor in a hurry;

As we sat waiting for results from her test,
I tried to calm her by telling her it was best
To see the doctor, probably just an infection,
Be cleared in no time with a painless injection;
We waited for the doctor, sat and talked a while,
Really warmed my heart when she started to smile;

Doctor walked in, sat down with a sigh,
For some uncanny reason, I let out a cry;
Doc said it was important that we have a talk,
Then came right out with it, didn't hesitate or balk;
My little girl was pregnant, the doctor was sure,
A situation for which there was no cure;

My girl sat in amazement while I cried out loud,
Never would get pregnant, this she'd always vowed;
She was totally dumbfounded, kept shaking her head,
"I just can't believe it," she continually said;
Took some time for the initial shock to wear off,
When she finally spoke her voice was very soft;

At that very moment I began to realize,
It was time to strengthen mother/daughter ties;
We had to accept the news we'd received that day,
A tiny new baby could bring joy our way;
Our lives weren't over, a new one was beginning,
This test, together, we are capable of winning;
She's FIFTEEN and scared, but can depend on me,
To help her go on, be the best that she can be.

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