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In  a Modern World

What if the world was run by clockwork and coal was still king ..........????
Modern World
(Alternative Earth series)

Come and talk to me softly as you sit by my side
on the big metal bird getting ready for our ride.
The engineer has taken a key from a big brass ring
and he's taking up the tension in the sleeping spring.

The wings have started flapping, gently beating at the air
and the driver's pulling levers from his big driving chair.
The wings are beating faster and suddenly we're high
climbing towards the clouds in the huge inviting sky.

I can see a few wagons steaming down the roads
see one at a coalers taking on his fuelling load,
see the fiery glow from the furnaces red heart,
the lazy puffs of steam that precedes its start.

Down there in the channel are the big white sails,
the sun reflecting back from the deck's brass rails
as the mighty steel clipper powers on its way
maybe sailing and steaming on to New Cathay.

The wings are beating slowly. I feel you seated there
tightly gripping my arm as the wind plays your hair.
The driver's waving to us. I see him pointing down
and there spread below the roofs of  old Parree Town.

The wings are slowing, the driver looks around
and with a gentle bump we're back on the ground
The world is changing fast. We can fly all the way
from Old Lundun to Parree in well less than a day.

What is to come? Perhaps the next thing we'll see
Is a machine crossing the Atlantick to New Amerikee;
And we'll solve the problem of being warm and dry.
Every problem has its answer –  they only need to try.

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In a Modern World