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Rule Britannia

I am a member of the working class
In this enlightened land
Which has its disadvantages as I have
Come to understand.
I will earn less monies than those
Of any other classes;
I will age physically so much sooner
As life quickly passes;
I will of necessity eat food that is poor
But that bit more cheap;
There's much more chance that I will be
thrown on the scrap heap;
My children will have materially less
Because of my low role;
Effectively being sentenced as the next
Generation prole;
Their schools will be caring but very
Old or very run down;
Very much amongst the worst of those
There are still around;
In times of emergency or all out war
We will have the thrill
Of being selected by our betters to fight
And to learn to kill;
If I do some how grow old, struggle on to
Retirement age
I'll be expected then to live on even less than
At any other stage;
And as a special Christmas treat once a year
On my TV screen
Be allowed to watch the current version
Of king or queen;
It is expected I must and will humbly learn
Not to hate,
Be thankful for the few remaining remnants
Of The Welfare State;
In the fullness of passing years and time
Bye and bye
I will hopefully, eventually, dutifully,
Quietly die
Leaving very little
If any trace
Of my ever being of
The human race.

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Rule Britannia



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